UFO Completed

This blouse was cut out and set aside over 2 years ago.  That definitely qualifies it as a UFO (Unfinished Object). Sometimes it is just more fun to cut and sew something new than go back to something you never finished. But, I really don’t want UFOs sitting around; too many other projects swirling in my brain.

But…You cut out an item at a sewing retreat.  Then you come home, unpack from the retreat, set the item on the shelf in a ‘project box’, then the next time you start to work on something, those items in the project box are forgotten.  You start something new!  A system for UFOs is a separate blog post, but I do now have one.

Given the amount of time that passed since it was cut out, and the fact that I have learned a lot more about fitting my body since then, I wasn’t sure it would even fit me. I think I used my sloper as a basis to make sure it would fit. But I didn’t keep many notes.  I quickly basted the shoulder and side seams; tried on the blouse to see if it was worth finishing.

I have been on this fitting journey for a few years, so I wasn’t quite sure where my mind was when this was cut. Lo and behold – the blouse was going to fit…and look pretty good. No round back problem, enough circumference…ok…let’s get this thing done. The bust dart was rotated to a tuck in shoulder seam, so I rotated my dart there as well.  I initally selected this pattern because of the neckline. My neck is short, so a V-neck looks best on me. Amazingly the blouse fit fine.  So, I decided to finish the blouse and along the way I made a few adjustments.

Pattern Number:  McCalls 6564 (A Palmer/Pletsch style).  These patterns are great because they do have a lot of fitting information.  But I used my sloper to make my changes.  This pattern is out of print, but available on the McCall’s pattern website.  Probably available on EBay and/or Etsy as well.

Fabric:  A stretch rayon print, purchased from Fabric Mart in May, 2011.  Yes, it has aged.  And I have another piece of this is a slightly more melon colorway.

Finished Blouse:

McCalls 6564

Changes made:  As you can see from the line drawing there is a belt that goes around the waist and ties on the side.  I had the belt on, but the blouse was too short to keep the belt.  It just didn’t flatter me.  I should have made the longer version in the pattern.  If I add 2-3 inches to the top next time, I could keep the belt.  So, I removed the belt and shorted one end of it into a tab.  I put a button hole on the tab, then attached a button to the dart where the previous belt had been.  I also put a snap on the side right to keep the left side in place when buttoned.

I also faced the hem rather than turning up a hem because the blouse was too short.  I probably could have placed the white flowers a little better, but it isn’t noticeable in wearing. This dress form is not exactly my shape

All in all, I think this will be a good blouse for summer.  I plan to wear it with beige crops or ankle pants.


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