Happy 2019! Let’s get more organized.

A new year has dawned! Resolutions are not normally my thing. But I would like to post more in 2019, so it is something I consciously need to work on.

One road to that is being organized. I usually think I am organized, but then I discover many things that were just not really organized. Such as making notes of my sewing; what pattern piece is this, what changes did I make to this tracing, and so on.

Always on the lookout for tools to aid in organization, I found one that I began to try last fall. It is called the Sewing and Design Planner, developed by Glenda Sparling of Sure Fit Designs. Glenda offers a wealth of information for those using her system to help with developing your own patterns that fit. She also offers the Sewing and Design planner in conjunction with the Sewing and Design Sew and Tell. Sewing & Design Sew and Tell.

I downloaded the 2018 document in the fall.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to really use it for planning purposes or designing something from my SureFit blueprint.  But I did take advantage of the project tracking tool. Here is a photo of the pages in my Sewing Journal for the top previously blogged – the Pleated Back Flowy Tee.


My goal, of course, is to do this for every project.  Then I have a permanent record of what I did that I can go back to if needed.  And when I blog the project, I can provide more information.  I have done this for a couple of other projects I made.  It is not overly time consuming and my hope is it will come in handy for a future similar project.  Because once I get a pattern perfected, I sure don’t want to start over.